If you compare your arms to toothpicks, struggle to see any definition in your biceps when you “make a muscle,” and your only weight training experience is eking out a couple curls any time you’re in a hotel gym, this is for you.

This workout comprises some of the best muscle-building arms exercises for gym newbies and skinny guys who want to build muscle. Curated by Ngo Okafor, P.T., creator of FitMatch, this routine will forge fundamental skills, strength, and size.

Get ready to build forearms that pop, biceps that bulge, and carved, sculpted triceps.


Complete 4 sets of 15-20 reps for all moves except the forearms finishers (for which you will do 3 sets of 20 reps). Rest for no longer than 90 seconds between sets. 

Start off with light weights for the cable machine, dumbbells, and barbell (you can also just start with the bar alone).

Focus on perfecting your form, engaging the right muscles, and taking your time.

Don’t rush, and remember to breathe.

Keeping form during training

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